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proper charging and discharging of dc-dc using mosfet

Hello,tc1261lcs8 needs to be both turn on and off using esp8266 3.3V GPIO pulse and the output needs to charged and discharged with this GPIO pulse.When my GPIO =0V output off when GPIO=3.3V output is ON.
Which is the opposote of what the SHDN does as shown in the data sheet below.I have made an inverter as shown below .
I want to discharge the negative voltage to ground using NMOS.
Vg=5V and Vs=-2V so the NMOS is open.

However the output only goes from 0 to -1 instead of 0 to -2.4 expected by the formula below as it was withoud the SHDN switching.
Why its not charging back to -2.4V?
another problem is that i want the output to be discharge at logical 1 (5V) but here i got the opposite)
Is there something that could be done?
Ltspice model is attached.


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M3 become conduct when source are negative. Try to connect M1 source to net out_DC_DC? May be with series resistor (tenth kOhms) between net Vout_inv and SHDN pin.

Or use for discharge P-JFET.

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Hello, tofik80,given the data sheet how do you know the proper conditions for the input  current and voltage?

Also is there a way to speedup the charging? with mosfet i got a much higher charging rate.


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The charging speed is determined by the operating algorithm U2. The charging speed can be increased by decreasing the value of c3, but this will increase the output ripple.

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