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Докуметация по СВЧ-технике

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Предлагаю кидать сюда ссылки по докуметации по СВЧ-технике.

Например: Microwave Journal-журнал по СВЧ-технике. Высылают раз в месяц бесплатный журнал в печатном или електронном виде.

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Предлагаю кидать сюда ссылки по докуметации по СВЧ-технике.

Сегодня на _http://avaxhome.ru/ положили 2 книги:


''The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook''

Artech House, Hardcover, Published September 1998, 267 pages, ISBN 0890069735

Price: $96.00

Hardcover: 267 pages

Publisher: Artech House Publishers (September, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN: 0890069735


Editorial Reviews


From Book News, Inc.

A handbook for engineers in their first few years of practice who are struggling to develop new skills while under pressure to build hardware and get it to market. Topics include transmission line theory, planar transmission lines, circuit elements, microwave components, solid-state devices, diode mixers, diode frequency multipliers, active mixers, FET resistive mixers, and active frequency multipliers. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR


Book Description

In the fast-paced, "I-need-it-done-by-yesterday" world of microwave engineering, it's more important than ever to get your circuit designs up-and-running on time and to specifications. Authored by a well-known expert in the industry, this unique new book helps you do just that by presenting no-nonsense, proven-under-fire microwave circuit design "recipes" that you can follow for fast design results -- without having to wade through pages of theoretical or academic rhetoric.

The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook is written solely for today's practicing engineer. Using a lively, easy-to-read style, it reveals practical, tested methods for designing and implementing a wide range of nonlinear RF and microwave circuits, including all types of mixers, frequency multipliers, and more. A special feature is a complete treatment of FET resistive mixers, which offer the lowest intermodulation distortion of all types of mixers. You also get hard-to-find information on creating both square law and envelope diode detectors.


''RF and Microwave Coupled-Line Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)''

by R. Mongia

ISBN:0890068305 (More details...)

Available at:Quimby Warehouse


Synopses & Reviews

Book News Annotation:

Primarily intended for designers and research and development specialists, this text attempts to treat the topic of couplers and filters in its entirety. Starting with the fundamental theory of coupled structures, the authors cover the application of theory to the design and analysis of specific components such as couplers, filters, baluns, etc. They emphasize planar transmission lines; the CAD tools available for the design of these structures; use of full-wave analyses; and accurate semiempirical equations for component design, novel structures and configurations, and new applications.

Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Product Details


Other:Mongia, Rajesh

Author:Bhartia, Prakash

Author:Bahl, Inder J.

Publisher:Artech House Publishers

Subject:Electric network analysis

Subject:Strip transmission lines


Subject:Microstrip antennas.

Subject:Microwave circuits

Subject:Engineering - Electrical & Electronic



Edition Description:Hardcover

Series:Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover)

Publication Date:May 1999





Dimensions:9.22x6.38x1.52 in. 2.14 lbs.

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Предлагаю кидать сюда ссылки по докуметации по СВЧ-технике.

Сегодня на _http://avaxhome.ru/ положили книгу:


'Broadband Microwave Amplifiers (Artech House Microwave Library)''

by Bal S. Virdee, Ben Y. Banyamin, Avtar S. Virdee



251 pages

Publisher: Artech House Publishers (September 30, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN: 1580538924

Format: PDF

Archive: RAR

Size: 3.16 MB (3,322,378 bytes)

MD5: 485559dba72edde0b1d054186a6de7ab


Book Description

Here is your complete resource for state-of-the-art and cutting-edge techniques used for designing and fabricating broadband amplifiers. The book covers the complete design cycle, detailing each stage in a practical, hands-on manner to enable one to quickly gain specialist knowledge and insight into the intricacies of broadband amplifier design. Beginning with a discussion of amplifier theory and architecture, it delves into procedures for carrying out small-signal and large-signal characterization that are essential to the accurate modeling of broadband amplifiers. You learn how DPHEMT transistors deliver superior performance and how to use these devices in the simulation and design of broadband amplifiers. All the necessary analytical and practical information is provided on the design of broadband amplifiers via real examples.This practical reference illustrates the formulation of small- and large-signal device models to help you accurately simulate the amplifier’s performance. Moreover, the book covers all the practical aspects and circuit components used in the fabrication. It is filled with practical design examples of various types of amplifiers that are applicable in broadband systems such as optical communications, satellite communications, spread-spectrum communications, wireless local area networks, electronic warfare, instrumentation, and phased array radar. In addition to broadband amplifiers, it also provides in-depth treatment of ultra-broadband microwave amplifiers.

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Классный сайт рекомендую:




Ничего классного...ссылка не работает!


Жаль что сайтик заблокировали :(

Там были лекции по СВЧ, Я их успел еще скачать, если хотите могу прислать на мыло.

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Жаль что сайтик заблокировали  :(

Там были лекции по СВЧ, Я их успел еще скачать, если хотите могу прислать на мыло.

Вышлите пожалуйста и мне. :)


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