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CADSTAR FPGA / ALDEC Active HDL Webinar Webinar

CADSTAR FPGA / ALDEC Active HDL Webinar Webinar


Oct 16 2008


Webinar - 3.00pm (CEST - central European summer time)


Synchronization for Smooth Integration of PCB and FPGA Development Environments


Aldec and Zuken developed a smooth synchronization between Aldec Active-HDL/CADSTAR FPGA and Zuken CADSTAR SCM/PCB offering complete support for all FPGA vendors from design creation to mixed VHDL and Verilog simulation, project management, schematic and PCB layout. This seminar includes a design demonstration and presentation on how to use Aldec Active HDL /CADSTAR FPGA and Zuken CADSTAR SCM/PCB in a unified environment.





FPGA-PCB Concurrent design flow

Aldec for complete FPGA design and verification

CADSTAR for complete PCB layout and design

Pin file Integration

Design Demonstration



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