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Win CE 5.0 для Радуги

В общем, как побочный продукт основной деятельности, удалость создать OAL для Радуги и сделать ебут.

-- Потихоньку сделаю БСП

 Debug channel initialized                          

WCEPreloader Build Mar 29 2008 15:49:13                                       
CPU 199987 KHz               
PCK 99993 KHz              
PLLB 95993 KHz               
Jump EBOOT preess any key                         
Init Debug Serial OK!                     
Press any key to unlock process                               
Process unlocked                

Microsoft Windows CE Ethernet Bootloader Common Library Version 1.1 Built Mar 23                                                                                
2008 07:25:21              
Microsoft Windows CE Ethernet Bootloader 1.0 for AT91RM9200 Rainbow board board                                                                               
(Mar 29 2008 : 15:52:40)                        
Copyright (c) 2001 Microsoft Corporation                                        
Portions copyright (c) 2008 Kenat S&H                                     
Integration and development                           

Bus Speed 99993 kHz                    
CPU Speed 199987 kHz                     
OEMPlatformInit: press a key to unlock system                                             

Performing POST...Successful                            
Default: using Flash SPI                        
Flash SPI selected                  
SPI VirtualAllocCopy Succeeded                              
PIO_SDC_TYPE VirtualAllocCopy Succeeded                                       
PIO_A VirtualAllocCopy Succeeded
FMD_Init:Configure PIO OK
SPI configured for serial data flash
FMD_Init:SPI PDC configured!
FMD_Init:Switch on DataFlash Card AT45DCB
Nand Density = 0x38 Device sdf status=0xFF
INFO: settings in flash are bad - storing defaults...
CFI_Erase_One_Block:: entering the function . Erase at address: 0x101E0000, bloc
k is n°38

Press any key to break into configuration menu 65535 ...
Press any key to break into configuration menu 65534 ...
Main Menu:
1.  Network Settings
2.  Flash Devices Settings
3.  SDCard Settings
4.  Boot Mode
ESC.  Exit (Continue...)

Please make a selection:

ЗЫ Аденео БСП смотрел и это продвинуло собственные раработки по Радуге.

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А где сейчас берут win ce? Интересно попробовать.

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А где сейчас берут win ce? Интересно попробовать.

+1, а то я хотел на 9260 прикрутить :)

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