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Открытые проекты с применением KiCad

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Ещё один проект использующий CAN интерфейс


CAN repository containing my CAN project, kicad files, firmware, datasheets, references, etc.


Git repo for obd2-CAN board.


obd2/ directory contains the KiCAD files

lpcxpresso/ directory contains the files required to build firmware with lpcxpresso

obd2_lpc1343/ is legacy directory when the 1343 was explored.

reference/ contains CAN and obd2 and other reference material used in design

video/ videos taken of design/build/test

datasheets/ any datasheets of parts used or explored

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Ещё один проект связанный с Arduino



There are too few, readily available and open projects in KiCAD format. I'm working to change that -- by taking some I like and re-creating them in KiCAD.


Why? Well, because it seemed a good idea and I seem to have the time.


I'm starting with the good old Arduino UNO Rev.3, reference design. Obviously, my KiCAD version will not be an exact copy. In fact, I'll probably change the USB connector to USB-B-mini SMD. But otherwise, the circuitry will be the same, down to the socketed, DIP 'mega328. Maybe I'll do other versions later.


Arduino is a trademark of the owners of www.arduino.cc (they don't seem to have a name, other than Arduino -- even on their trademark information page). These KiCAD re-creations are created by (an) separate individual(s) who are in no way related to the Arduino trademark owners or indeed (probably) even known to them. Please see www.arduino.cc for all official Arduino information.

Before the grand idea of re-creating multiple projects in KiCAD format came about, I had already completed a prototype KiCAD version of the Freaklabs Freakduino, with 2.4GHz radio on board. The learning I accomplished and the fun I had with that exercise, is more or less what led to this one.

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PCB layout for my cheap FPGA HDMI experimenting board


FPGA HDMI Experimenting Board PCB Layout Files


Note that this project is still in progress. Most of the work on the schematic is finished, with the pcb layout being the priority right now.


This board is designed to be relatively cheap (compared to other FPGA options with HDMI), and be fairly small at 2x2in. To meet these requirements some corners were cut (like ESD protection on the HDMI), though it still should function well.


This is not intended to be a consumer device, but rather a development and experimenting platform for those interested in playing around with HDMI.

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DeltaBot software



The goal of this project is to develop a hardware and accompanying software platform for controlling robots from a high level programming language such as Python.



The hardware will consist of a multi-axis motor control board, industrial strength GPIO for controlling alarms, incandescent lamps, driving fans and more.



The software will provide an abstract interface to the hardware platform. The first robot that will be tailored to this project will be a 3-axis Delta Robot.


Project Structure

Here is the folder structure for the project:



3D models of target robots


The first hardware platform for this project


Some pretty untested code to do mass changes in schematics/BOMs


Component datasheets


Notes, logo


Bare metal bring up of STM32F4 and code for the robot controller


Various pictures of the project


The python software interfaces


A user interface to all of this

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HDMI2USB - A HDMI/DVI Capturing Solution


HDMI2USB is a device to capture HDMI and DVI (and Displayport with cheap active adapters) and send it on USB port as UVC video. The device attaches computer as a standard webcam so there is no need of installing additional drivers.


More information about the device can be found in the wiki @ https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB/wiki.




This repository contains the source code for the various firmware in the HDMI2USB. More information on the firmware required by the HDMI2USB can be found on the Firmware in the wiki


Prebuilt firmware suitable for loading on devices can be found in the HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt repository


A Developer's Guide to the functionality, design and source code can be found at: Google Docs



Serial expansion board and adapters for HDMI2USB

git clone https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodserial.git

VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB (or Digilent Atlys prototype board).

git clone https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-vmodvga.git


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A simple USART / Bluetooth interface for a kitchen scale


    hw     Add schematics and PCB layout     10 months ago
    sw     Align comments properly     10 months ago
    LICENSE     Initial commit     10 months ago
    README.md     Update README.md     10 months ago


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Немного оффтопика...


Майская новость о начале продаж юрлицам ПК на отечественном процессоре Эльбрус-4С (Компьютеры на базе процессоров Эльбрус-4С стали доступны для покупки юридическими лицами) порадовала, кроме цены новость выглядит достойно. Хотелось бы конечно, чтобы и видеокарта в нём была своя, за основу можно было бы взять OpenGraphics Project и OpenShader (Open architecture GPU simulator and implementation), хотя наверно это уже несколко устраревшии технологии, но надо же с чего-то начинать.


P.S. надо поспешать, а то Мексика обгонит ещё ;) Мексика и Россия: схожие проблемы в обучении разработке электроники

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К сожалению нарисовано не в KiCad, хотя народ в комментариях по лику интересовался "почему же нарисовано не в KiCad", но всё же добавлю:


Новая SBC от OLIMEX Ltd

A33-OLinuXino Open Source Hardware Linux SBC with Quad Core Cortex-A7 ARM processor running at 1.5Ghz



P.S. https://github.com/OLIMEX/OLINUXINO/tree/master/HARDWARE/A33


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Cambridge University Spaceflight (CUSF)

Cambridge, UK http://cusf.co.uk


Cambridge University Spaceflight is a student run society founded in 2006 comprising undergraduates and postgraduates from many disciplines. We aim to develop the technology needed to reduce the cost of sub-orbital access to space for scientific research, in the form of high altitude balloon launches, designing rockets, and other related experiments.


CUSF Avionics 2014



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Arduino Pro-Mini Enviromental Display Project


This is an arduino project to build a miniature environment sensor module to display temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity.


All files contained herein produced by R&TPreppers / njsharkracer




git clone https://github.com/EnigmaCurry/Arduino-Pro-Mini-Weather.git

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Гидропоника на подоконнике или C++11 в микроконтроллерах AVR. Проект не содержит Ардуино.




Проект доступен на GitHub. Там же в релизах выложен файл с проектом электронной части в KiCAD и проектами конструктивных прибамбасов в SolidWorks (STL-файлы для печати прилагаются).

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На официальном сайте KiCad появился раздел Made With KiCad, в котором представлено краткое описание и ссылки на проекты выполненые с использованием KiCad.


P.S. ссылки на некоторые проекты уже приводились в этом топике, однако, как говорится, во-первых, повторение мать учения, во-вторых, наеюсь что этот список будет со временем пополняться.

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This is the KiCad project of Magnetic RF24 Window Sensor.



P.S. кому интересно, читаем подробности в ноябрьском номере ODROID страница 17


by Jörg Wolff

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