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  1. we want a 20dB couping with 1dB ripple, so Cmax is -19 and Cmin is -21 what kind of itterations?, why they pick each time a different C_max? C max is -19 dB which is 0.112202 C max and Cmin are given to us from the question Thanks
  2. Hello , i am having trouble understanding what was done in the table in the attahed photo ? thanks
  3. Hello , for the purpose of impedance compensation of step discontinues ,for the expression shown bellow i need the fringing capacitance. but i only managed to find the odd mode and even mode fringing field capacitance plots of broadside coupler(which is the closest to offset coupler) how can i get the total fringing field capacitance from having the even and odd capacitance? Thanks
  4. Hello, i would like to create an 11 section coupler with 0.1 ripple, i cant find an example of how exactly they got these numbers in the attached photo. Thanks
  5. Hello , in a coupler design the discontinuities causes bad s11 at high frequencies, i tried many ways of smoothing but its not sufficient. what could be done? Thanks
  6. Hello, i have built a coupler like shown in the following photos, ii am working at 7.2 GHz i get every dimension equal to quarter wavelengt,but my results are very bad,is there a way to find out why my S11 S22 S33 S44 differ so much ? Thanks
  7. Hello , i have used 4 different script files to construct my antenna. but if i save and exit the project then when i reopen the project then the "dicrete ports" dissapear, or if i put my antenna inside a PEC box and change one parameter then the whole script built structure dissapears. what needs to be done in order to keep the objects which were built by scripts from dissapearing? Thanks.
  8. Hello , i am trying to find a table of 19 section even mode impedances for -3dB coupler. the best i could find is presented bellow , its 9 sections. thanks
  9. Hello aner, i have tried many ideas, the first is to use a multipin discrete port where the grounds are minus and the middle part is +,because a stripline and a coax are the same principle. all what i find on the web where partial description which i am not sure if i got them coorectly if you could please show in two photos the setting of such a port so we will have a visual example,there is not YOUTUBE manual about stripline unfortunetly. Thanks
  10. Hello, in my multisection coupler structure i have a port shown as bellow(strip-line port) i have selected all three faces of the port and pressed ,"waveguide port" and i got the following window, what to do now , how to define in so i will get it functioning as a stripline port? or do i need to define it as a desrete port, then how do you suggest to do that? i am not sure regarding this final step Thanks
  11. Hello , I need to calculate W and Wc of the offset couler by an input of Zoe Zoo s b Er i have tried writing using SOCLIN calculator but it doest allow me this input all of them without changing the previos input parameters, input: Er=2.32 b=3.3 S=0.03788 output (of the book) Wc=0.2789697 W=1.220193 the photos of the books example and the SOCLIN calculator screen are in the attached photos, i tried to enter the variavles in the calculator in many ways if anybody could tell me at least some way i could get this example working. Thanks
  12. Hello , i am trying to implement the design in the attached article. I have sketched parameters on the design from the article. there are parameters that i am not sure regarding them. S- is the space in height between the lines? offset is counted from the bottom as i signed by the axes? Thanks 06314061.pdf
  13. Hello, i am trying to interpret the table in order to recreate the geometry shown in the photo bellow,based on the attached article. Zo Ze width properties of each cell ,but i cant interpet those parametr into such thing as , length of each cell, how much higher is every cell to its consecutive? is there some example from which i can learn how to get the geometry specifics from the paratemeter table? Thanks Посетить мою домашнюю страницу 06314061.pdf
  14. Hello,I am trying to model this type of tandem coupler based on the attached article . There is an element which consists of two transmission lines connected by diagonals,showed bellow in the photo how can Ifind the impedance of the transmission line based on the Z_e and Zo? Thanks design_modified.pdf
  15. Hello, every Macro manual that i encountered using already defined shapes like a brick or a cilinder. is there a way like in Matlan to plot a 3D function. i would appriciate an example or a manual. Thanks