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  1. Please share informations about symbolic simulators. Analog Insydes: http://www.itwm.fraunhofer.de/en/departmen...og-insydes.html Does anyone has experience in this tool?
  2. Electromagnetics for High-Speed Analog and Digital Communication Circuits, Ali M. Niknejad http://www.amazon.com/Electromagnetics-Hig...k/dp/B000USIV4Y
  3. Here you are: http://www.integrandsoftware.com/ http://www.keysight.com/en/pc-1887116/mome...c=DE&lc=ger
  4. Momentum can work with general structures. EMX works for specific structures like inductors, transformers,capacitors,...
  5. You have some options in ADS momentum and in EMX continium.
  6. No, but it can produce RLGC model which can be read by spectre. You have to work a little bit to produce parameterized model.
  7. I think sonnet is good choice. Some foundries use sonnet to simulate TL.
  8. I didn't find anything better for on chip TL.
  9. You have 2D em tool in ADS.
  10. They have build interface for cadence. Using this you could simulate faster.
  11. I have read that it is integrated in calibre design flow. If anyone has document for integration calibre and EMX, pleas share.
  12. I have red something about it but I didn't use. There is not enough information available about EMX. Website is very poor.