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  1. it would be easier to write code rather using tool box.
  2. at last i got the solution...............
  3. Dear frnds, i have been working on some classical solid state physics and become stuck in a pde solution problem. here i have enclosed a file to find out the problem. i could not understand or find out how the equation 3.4 becomes equation 3.5. if anyone help me out how it comes.... it really help me. problem.pdf
  4. dear my frnd, i have read some of this book...thanks for the book. But there seems to be a little problem that is i could find a little physics in this book. i think i should first understand the physics and maths of mem. In this book they start with inner core of mems and got inside more in the later chapters. However should i continue this book or read any other basic and easy book? please help me. i had to complete my project of my university as early as possible by making or simulating a new type of mems design.
  5. thanks for the reference.....
  6. Dear frnds, i am new in mems eng..which book could be read first for initials...please refer.