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  1. ENI OEM-28B/02 uses 208/220/230/240, 3 phase input without neutral (delta connection) but inside the operating manual on page 2-5 under "power requirements" section there is a table showing allowed input voltages. Along with the above voltages in this table 380/400/415 are also included. My question is can I connect my generator to 3 phase 380 volts using setup indicated in this table? If so in this case there should be an extra N (neutral) contact too (star connection). This means I should connect terminal 13 inside the generator (TB1 circuit) using an extra cable to the neutral of the supply power system. Am I right?
  2. "forum.ru-board.com " is a great site full of everything. In the past I used it a lot. Regards :)
  3. I would like to give it a try and build an electromagnetic pulse generator. Anyone who has experience in this please PM me or post some usefull material. I don't know where to start. I dont want to build a big one just to build a working device. I am not too much in this kind of devices but I thought maybe coupling this with a solar panel could make a nice device for research in remote areas with electromagnetic fields. :)
  4. No. He just was interested to do this by himself. I told him it is not too easy and asked him not to put too much time on it. :)
  5. My son would like to write a program to solve so called "fifteen puzzle" which is very usefull for education if program solves it and show soluition steps. Most online game programs for solving "fifteen puzzle" are either manual or instant solver and they don't show solution steps one-by-one and so is not usefull for educational purpose but he wants computer to solve the puzzle and show solution steps. Anyone knows how to do this or came about a pogram to be able to do this? Regards steve robinson
  6. found "smith2.02.rar" file but there is no smith.key inside. I can't save since it says it is demo version. Any idea where to find this key file? steve robinson :)
  7. @ Энтомолог I coudn't find it. I will appriciate if you post a download link if you have any. :)
  8. Thanks, I don't have access to ftp here either but I will try to find it on the internet. steve robinson
  9. I need to do impedance matching calculation between RF circuit output and RF coil for an electron ion source. Please post your advice or link to any related matterials. steve robinson
  10. If you are looking for access to ftp.file.21ic.com.cn send me a PM or an email. steve robinson
  11. Look here for V6.0 and 6.1: http://electronix.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=26306 steve robinson
  12. хорошая информация здесь также: _http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~sudha/book/starters-guide/ Steve Robinson :)
  13. спросите о "solar cells" от меня здесь 1. High efficiency 2. silicon 3. Buried Contact 4. screen print 5. Processing 6. Fabrication Steve Robinson