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  1. https://www.macom.com/products/product-detail/MA4E1310
  2. Than you know that you overpaid for your VNA :)
  3. What??? Buy this one http://www.ommic.com/produits/w2183g-65 or ask them, they will design after your specs.
  4. ring down

    Make sure your diodes can handle this voltage.
  5. Цитата(Hale @ Feb 8 2018, 10:44) ... Иначе потери будут больше запрошенных... + amplifier
  6. Is it me, or your amplifier is potentially unstable around 3GHz?
  7. Цитата(APEHDATOP @ Jan 11 2017, 14:41) Возможно ли согласовать транзистор NE3210 Add resistor(s) in series (or in parallel) to output (input, or both) of the transistor and I am sure you'll be able to match. Everything is possible. It is always a question of a trade-off. Theoretically speaking, simultaneous power matching at the input and at the output exists ONLY IF THE TRANSISTOR IS STABLE. Here is the book about this, read Chapter 3: rftoolbox.dtu.dk
  8. Цитата(dabbler @ Nov 18 2016, 18:15) Господа, может кто-то посоветовать технологичную конструкцию волноводного перехода с моды Н10 прямоугольного волновода на моду Н01 круглого. This one is quite broadband:http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/419866...98665&tag=1
  9. Цитата(sergei94 @ May 25 2016, 23:10) Когда я экспортирую из CST результаты симуляции parametric sweep в текстовый файл, то почему-то в файл попадает только часть значений. 1. Click on the graph (just to make it active). 2. Press Home/Copy (or just press Ctrl+C) 3. Paste in the text file. All the data will be there.
  10. фазовращатель

    Цитата(sergey sva @ May 31 2016, 10:09) Можно аналог этой схемы собрать на дискретных элементах? Что можно сказать по характеристикам этой микросхемы?, шум и тд. It's quite broadband, but the noise figure is high and and linearity is poor. This indicates that the phase shifter is based on active devices (transistors). It should be possible to make it on discrete components. Цитата(sergey sva @ May 31 2016, 10:09) если этот фазовращатель применить для фазовой модуляции будут работать? Theoretically - yes, but there is no information on switching speed in the datasheet. That would be the limit of your data rate.
  11. I would agree with soldat_shveyk, digital systems you would characterize by BER (bit error rate) instead of noise figure.
  12. Цитата(khach @ Feb 20 2016, 16:16) Рискну пердложить когда-то виденный вариант быстрого соединения. Круглые фланцы типа UG-387 с совместимыми штырями. Indeed, for circular waveguides you can get flanges without a single screw. Look at this transition for example: Can tell you from personal experience, they work perfectly, at least up to 300 GHz.
  13. Цитата(VCO @ Nov 17 2015, 16:04) Там запущена установка на забывание русского языка No. I just don't want putin's troops in my country to "protect" me because I am russian, like it is in Crimea.
  14. Цитата(HFSS @ Nov 17 2015, 15:31) VitaliyZ, зачем дублируете? I was writing the same time as you. I did not see your post. As simple as that. Цитата(HFSS @ Nov 17 2015, 15:31) и да, ещё, пишите на русском языке. Do you have hard time understanding my posts?
  15. Цитата(Xuch @ Nov 17 2015, 10:34) ... А дальше возник вопрос что делать с точками VPC1, VPC2 и VPC3... For your evaluation board it says "VCC=V+=VPC=5.0V". So, connect VPC1, VPC2, and VPC3 to VCC (remember filtering parallel capacitors) Цитата(Xuch @ Nov 17 2015, 10:34) .... при мощности на входе 15dbm ...! That is too much. Your Amp gain is 37dB while P1dB= 33.5dBm. Цитата(Xuch @ Nov 17 2015, 10:34) ...колокол... What is that?