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проблема с симуляцией в isim (vivado)


возникла проблема с симуляцией в isim

Внутри проекта стоит PLL (ip core)  - клок в симуляции виден, но логика от єтого PLL не работает (желтеют сигнали). Интересует как исправить?

Логика с клоком заданного в тестбенче работает. Может какой - то атрибут записать сугубо для симуляции для клока от PLL???

Как вариант исправления - задать клок с тестбенча без использования PLL (ip core), но тогда будет разница проекта для синтеза и симуляции

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https://www.xilinx.com/content/dam/xilinx/support/documents/sw_manuals/xilinx14_1/plugin_ism.pdf   стр 82

HWCoSim has the following limitations:
• Only one instance in a design can be selected for hardware co-simulation, and it
cannot be the top-level test bench itself.
• The selected instance for hardware co-simulation must be able to be synthesized
using XST, and must be able to be implemented on the target FPGA device of the
selected board.
The lockstep hardware co-simulation has additional restrictions on clocking and I/Os:
• The co-simulation instance in hardware is clocked with an emulated clock source that
ISim controls, and is asynchronous to the simulation. Thus, the co-simulation does not
exactly model the design scenario running in hardware, or serve as a timing
• The instance under co-simulation cannot have access to external I/Os or
Multi-Gigabit Transceivers (MGTs), nor can it instantiate primitives (such as DCMs/
PLLs) that require a continuous clock or a clock at a specific frequency.
• All ports of the instance under co-simulation must be routable to a slice register or
LUT. Certain resources on the FPGA require dedicated routes, such as to an IOB or to
certain port of a primitive, and thus cannot be wired to any port of the instance under

Задам с тестбенча второй клок...

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максимально упростить и DUT и TB пробовал?

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